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Foley technology website - August 2016
Great advances in technology have taken place in the Foley Public Schools over the past years.  The key to this technology is providing teachers new tools to make them better teachers and communicated their information to the students.  iPads, Interwrite Boards, newer computers, using Internet base programs, all  have advanced learning in our schools.

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We have an abundance of resources readily available for our staff! Check out the Staff Resource webpage!

Foley Public Schools App through SchoolWay!
Download our school's official mobile app! Stay in the know, every day, the SchoolWay!  It's FREE as a download by visiting the AppStore or through Google Play and also available as a web app. This app will provide instant communication to our students, staff and community with school updates & information, instant safety notifications, teacher updates & assignment details, and club & organization updates. You choose which pieces you want "pushed" to your smartphone or android phone, or to your e-mail. Download the app at .

Mr. Schieffert, Director of Technology, Foley Public Schools Mr. Gary Degeberg, Foley Technology
Director of Technology:
Mr. Paul Schieffert
Technology / Media Coordinator: 
 Mr. Gary Degeberg
Technology Assistant
Mrs. Rebecca Grundhoefer
Mrs. Giza, Foley Intermediate Media Secretary
Ms. Stock, FHS Media Secretary
Mrs. Dena Voigt, Foley Public Schools Webmaster
Web Assistant
Intermediate Media Secretary
Mrs. Vicky Giza
High School Media Secretary
 Mrs. Erin Stock
Elementary Media Secretary
Mrs. Dena Voigt
Mrs. Jessie Winkelman - 2016
  Web Assistant
Computer Lab Assistant
Mrs. Jessie Winkelman


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District Technology Plan