JMC Parent & Student Access

Connecting Home and School with JMC & Student Access
Checking Attendance, Academic Progress & Lunch Account Balances Online 
This JMC school accounting program allows parents and students to view their Attendance, Progress Reports & Lunch account activity online!
A Parent Access form must first be completed and be turned in to the school office. It may take a day or two for the information to be entered into our database.  (Note: If you have used this feature in prior years, your account is set to go!)

Once the information has been entered into the data base, select your student’s building from the JMC Parent Access Link (on the right).  The “Online Parent” screen will be displayed.  Enter your Parent User-name by entering the parent's last name. The password will be the one submitted to the school on the completed form.
As with all educational and private data collected, security procedures are in place to ensure the safety of this data.  Your own unique password is a part of that security process.  To take advantage of this opportunity, please fill out, read, and sign the bottom portion of this form stating you understand and agree that liability may occur even with the precautions in place.  Parents/guardians and/or students will be able to access all their students’ information through the one password regardless of the buildingPreviously established passwords will remain in effect until a new form is submitted.

Limitation of liability: The collection of this data is for security purposes only. Your use of the website or any content of the website is at your own risk. 
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